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Smart Utilization Solution

NARI-TECH is specifically engaged in the software development, equipment research, project consultation, system integration and EPC in the smartpower utilization field. We provide such integrated solutions on smart power metering automation, enterprise resource and energy efficiency management, smart home energy management, demand response, and form series of products as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart power utilization management systemand electric vehicle battery charging//Battery Swap Infrastructure.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure


Based on IEC standard design, the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) of NARI-TECH is well compatible, interoperable and scalable.

The AMI is designed for large-scale residential, commercial and industrial metering system and provides the capability of huge data handling for a large number of customers.



  • Demand Response Model
  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Load Profiling
  • Supply Control
  • Outage Event Management
  • Different Business Plans
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Tamper and Theft Detection


Hardware Architecture


It is composed of head-end server cluster, database server cluster, application server cluster, WEB server, backup server, interface server and relevant network devices. It makes statistics and analysis of electricity information through purchasing, supplying and selling process, and provides various application functions required in marketing services.


Software Architecture


  • Distributed multi-layer technology
  • Make modeling based on IEC-CIM
  • Support IEC-62056 communication system
  • Support ANSI series meter-reading protocol




Communication Network


  •  Communication with Meters
    • Power Line carrier (PLC): OFDM-Prime, OFDM-G3
    • Radio Frequency (RF)
    • RS-485


  • Communication with Master Station
    • Network communication modes of 3G/GPRS/SMS/CDMA/PSTN/WIFI/Ethernet/Fiber etc. and network protocols of TCP/UDP/PPP under the standard of IPv4 are supported.




Smart Power Efficiency Management System



  • Combining such specialized applications as smart building, smart park and smart community.
  • Integrated energy efficiency data management platform;
  • Acquire customer energy efficiency mangement data , analyze the energy efficiency level, and improve the power utilization efficiency of users;
  • Control the renewable energy source, distributed power and energy storage equipment of users.








Electric Vehicle Charging/Battery Swap Infrastructure



CEV1000 Smart Charging Operation and Management System

Provide complete solutions and equipment supports.

  • Adopt advanced automation and communication technology;
  • Improve the intellectualization and automation level of charging facilities;
  • Realize few-attended or unattended charging facilities;
  • Operate economically, safely and efficiently.


CEV2000 Smart Battery Swap Operation and Management System

Battery swap station can supply energy for pure electric commercial vehicle or passenger vehicle, with various battery swapping modes.

  • Power supply system
  • Charging system
  • Battery swap system
  • Transit system
  • Integrated supervision and control system
  • Battery detection and maintenance system



CEV5000 EV monitoring & operation management system

EV monitoring & operation management system combining the information communication technology and billing management concept serves EV charging facilities the smart, convenient and fast management and service.


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