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Smart Distribution Solution


Distribution Automation Integrated Solution


Focus on


  • Major fields of research include dispatching/ distribution/consumption integration, intelligent application, distributed generation and distribution primary/secondary equipment integrated platform;
  • Providing overall solutions and EPC project service covering distribution grid planning, grid retrofit, master station system, distribution communication, distribution terminal and distribution primary equipment;
  • Conducting cutting-edge technical research, e.g. distribution network automation system based on self-healing control, key technologies in optimized dispatching in smart distribution gird, etc.




Distribution Automation Master Station System


Backed by decades of experiences in technical research and project implementation, NARI Tech delivers best-in-class distribution automation total solution package, involving main station software, communication, terminals and primary equipment. The solution package has proven its reliability and versatility in numerous projects.





Distribution Automation Master Station System



OPEN-3200 Distribution Automation Management System conforms to IEC 61970/61968 standards. The system covers all devices of distribution grid and is capable of massive real-time data processing, addressing the needs of integrated grid dispatching and distribution. Its main functions include automatic grid monitoring, feeder automation, renewable energy integration, grid self-healing, visualized dispatching and interactive applications etc. These functions are based on wide-area distributed data acquisition, networked distribution SCADA, as well as comprehensive graph-model management of main grid and distribution grid. The system enables operators to manage grid operation with ease in a closed-loop manner.





  • Wide-area distributed data acquisition, massive real-time data processing;
  • Networked distribution SCADA, intelligent and integrated monitoring of main grid and distribution grid;
  • Maintenance-free integrated modeling and device abnormality management based on GIS/PMS and EMS;
  • Various analytical functions, including load transfer, breaking/closing loop analysis and load forecasting etc.;
  • Practical functions like dispatching management, intelligent operation ticket, outage management covering the whole process of faulted and scheduled outage management;
  • Advanced self-healing technology, control of distributed generation in off-grid/ grid-connected modes, power quality monitoring, and interaction between distribution and end-use etc.



  • Supporting 101, 104protocol, supporting multiple communication modes, including optical fiber, wireless communication and power-line carrier, etc., and conforming to power system security regulations;
  • Complying with IEC 61970/61968 standards;
  • Adopting multi-mode, multi-application technology and dynamic processing mechanism of distribution grid model, enabling quick switching between current and future states;
  • Adopting multi-information fusion technology to improve the fault recovery capability in complex situations, for example in the lack of distribution grid operation data or with distributed generation/ micro-grid connected;
  • Adopting automatic mapping technology to visualize load transfer process, loop closing/ breaking process etc.

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