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Smart Dispatching Solution



NARI Tech provides an entire SCADA/EMS solution, including SCADA, NAS, EMS, DTS, WAMS to help power utilities monitor power system real-time state, perform secured operations and achive economic dispatching. With over 20 years  etc., enabling power utilities to monitor power system real-time state, perform secured operations, and achieve economic dispatching.

With over 20 years experiences in SCADA system we take new challenges into consideration including large scale renewable energy integration, information sharing with DMS/OMS, security dispatching,etc.  




  • Provide regular functions of EMS/SCADA, AGC, WEB, SE, DPF, LF, CA, OPF, DTS, etc.
  • Monitor, analyze and control the dynamic procedure of power system by WAMS/WARMAP
  • Multiple control strategies for wind, photovoltaic and other renewable energy
  • Special control strategy and criteria assessment for UHVAC/DC transmission
  • Logical backup technology with two independent dispatching automation systems
  • Mixed platforms are supported, including mixed hardware and Operating System



 • Architecture


 From the perspective of system operation architecture, dispatching automation products can be categorized into two layers, platform layer and application layer, which are both based on different or mixed hardware.

Platform layer consists of graphic tool, report tool, privilege service, warning service, and WEB service and system management. Application layer includes SCADA, EMS, NAS, DTS, DMS and other applications. The dispatch automation system developed by NARI conforms to IEC 61970 standards.

NARI-TECH devotes to the upper two application layers, including:

  • User Interface: Customer-friendly and easy to master the operating skills. Compatible in different platforms due to the cross-platform user interface application framework.
  • WEB Service: Publish system displays, real-time data and historical information to the website without maintenance.
  • Historical Database Management: Save the model of power system and historical data. Monitoring and controlling will not be affected when historical database fails to offer service to the system, and the historical data produced during this time will not be lost.
  • SCADA: Enhance power system real-time supervisory control with operation security verification.
  • FES: Load balanced front end system provides data acquisition and exchange functions. The enhanced safety box function guaranties no data loss during switching channels.
  • AGC/AVC: Automatic Generation Control and Automatic Voltage Control are trying to control the frequency and voltage level of power system by regulating the active power and reactive power respectively.
  • NAS: Network application software comprises Stat Estimation, Dispatcher Power Flow, Contingency Analysis, Optimal Power Flow, etc.
  • DTS: Provide simulating functions of power system dispatch operating control and EMS application operation, including traditional DTS functions and EMS system application training.
  • WAMS/WAMAP: Carry out online monitoring and analyzing based on dynamic data collected by PMU.
  • GS: Generation Schedule sub system provides generation trajectories of each unit when considering the economy and safety conditions.
  • Cyber Security: Supply some specific measures to guarantee the security when data transferred inside EMS system or among different systems.





  • Conform to IEC 61970 standards
  • All the services are provided by one unified platform to each application
  • Intact cross-platform scheme, different UNIX and LINUX systems can be used synchronously
  • Multi-machine hot standby and cold standby self-starting techniques are utilized to improve the reliability
  • Mature interfaces that are convenient for third-party software to be imbedded in the system
  • Adopt FES strong box technique to achieve the seamless handoff between main and backup channels
  • Less maintenance task due to graphic guided database and model generation technique based on CIM
  • Powerful, secure and maintenance-free WEB function that extends the usage of EMS


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