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Generator Excitation Regulator NES6100

NES6100 generator excitation regulator is the fourth generation of excitation regulator manufactured by NARI Technology Co., Ltd, and applies to all kinds of excitation systems of synchronous generators.

Based on the experience on operating over the past decades and inheriting the core technologies of former SJ800, SAVR2000 and NES5100 excitation regulators, NES6100 generator excitation regulator takes IEEE 421.5TM-2005 excitation system mathematical model as reference and takes advantages of the most advanced research results and technology, so it has made great improvements on computing speed, control cycle, anti-electromagnetic interference and reliability.

NES6100 generator excitation regulator control unit adopts multi-core hardware p-platform which is composed by high performance microprocessor PowerPC and digital signal processor DSP supporting high-speed floating point computing. It adopts embedded real-time multi-task operational system, modularizes software program design and is configured with human-computer interaction system.NES6100 generator excitation regulator has the features of advanced concept, high reliability, simple to operate and maintain, flexible to use and expand as well as high compatibility.

NES6100 generator excitation regulator is applicable for all kinds of controllable thyristor rectifying excitation system, and for a variety of generator units with the capacity of 1000MW. Typical excitation types are:

  • Self-shunt excitation system
  • Self-compound excitation system
  • Two-generator separated thyristor excitation system
  • Tri-generator excitation systemBrushless excitation system

High reliability

  • Strict quality assurance system
  • Structure design of professional technology
  • High standard electromagnetic compatibility
  • Channel redundancy design
  • Long-term operation reliability

Excelent-performance configuration

  • High-performance hardware platform
  • Provide quick precision control
  • Self-adaptive power connection
  • Flexibly combined device plug-in configuration
  • Complete event log function
  • Complete communication device
  • Multiple timing methods are available

Simple to operate and test

  • Friendly human-machine interface
  • Professional debugging background tools
  • Configure complete testing
  • Testing result recording analysis

Easy to maintain

  • Automatic recording
  • SOE event record
  • Integrated structure of plug-in box

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