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Static Var Compensator System NES5600

NES5600 is a Thyristor-Controlled-Reactor(TCR) type Static Var Compensator (SVC) provided by NARI. As a member of NARI’s FACTS products family, NES5600 SVC can be applied to power transmission, power distribution, renewable energy generation, industry, transportation and many other relative areas.

NES5600 is a Thyristor-Controlled-Reactor(TCR) type Static Var Compensator (SVC) provided by NARI. As a member of NARI’s FACTS products family, NES5600 SVC can be applied to power transmission, power distribution, renewable energy generation, industry, transportation and many other relative areas. NES5600 SVC would be the best choice for those customers who want an accurate control of reactive power, enhanced voltage stability, an efficiency power transmission with better quality. As the largest whole set supplier of electric power equipment in China, NARI is capable of providing an all-around solution for SVC system covering study, specification, supplying, installation, training, commissioning and operation. With the state-of-the-art valve technologies, the innovative control strategy and the cutting-edge protection system, NES5600 SVC is capable of supplying reactive power with fast response time and cost-effective maintenance.

Professional System Design and Manufacture

The power electronic department of NARI has a team of highly skilled researchers and engineers who work with passion to make our power transmission better. During the pre-project activities, various tools (RTDS, PSCAD/EMTDC, Dynamic Simulation Platform and etc.) are introduced to guarantee the SVC’s main circuit parameters, control strategies and protection schemes to meet the requirements of our customers. A Customized Power Electronic Laboratory has been built to pioneer the technology in FACTS area, evaluate the semiconductor and other electric components and test our FACTS products before delivering. Maximum performance is promised by the optimized SVC manufacturing procedure from the designing to the commissioning.

Compact-Structure Valve Bank

NARI possesses of all the core technologies in the development and production of high-voltage and large-power compact-structure TCR valve bank. The key technologies applied in NES6500 SVC include:

  • Vertically-pressed structure technology
  • Advanced electrical/optic triggering technology
  • Overvoltage break-over protection technology of Thyristor
  • Patented water cooling system technology

Advanced and High Performance Control and Protection System

Based on NARI’s powerful digital controller platform (ARP) and reliable system software, the control and protection system of NES5600 SVC has proven its advantages and high performance in:

  • Rapid system response time, <7ms in open loop mode
  • Comprehensive control mode to tailor the SVC system for different project specifications
  • Redundancy design in all the links of control and protection system
  • Flexible, convenient, integrated and rich information exchange with the supervisory system and other smart devices
  • Perfect fault recorder function with IEEE standard COMTRADE format
  • Modular system design and compatible upgrade
  • Flexible and reliable protection configuration
  1. Power Transmission System

With the growing demand for electric energy, the power transmission systems all over the world seem to arrive at a bottleneck. To cope with the new challenges in bulk power transmission, NES5600 SVC system can be installed in key substations or HVDC converter stations, which will help the utility companies to:

  • Adjust the grid voltage
  • Improve the staticand dynamic stabilityof power system
  • Boost the power transmission capacity of the existing lines
  • Relieve the transient overvoltage
  • Restrain the power flow oscillation and SSR (Subsynchronous Resonance)
  • Balance the three-phase currents
  • Control the system voltage and supply sufficient reactive power in HVDC converter station


  1. Renewable Energy Generation

Renewable energy generations such as wind power, small hydro-power and solar power are usually connected to far corner of the power grid, which is relatively weaker than the main grid. The normal operations of renewable energy generation are often influenced by the large voltage fluctuation problems. Meanwhile, the inherent disadvantages of these renewable energy generations bring the instability to the grid. Our NES5600 SVC installed in several wind farms has proved its important role in the integration of renewable energy by:

  • Supplying sufficient dynamic reactive power and increasing power factor
  • Reducing voltage fluctuation and flicker
  • Stabilizing system voltage to an acceptable level
  • Eliminating the harmonic current
  • Enhancing the generator’s fault-ride-through capability
  • Meeting the grid code set by utility companies


  1. Power distribution network

NES5600 SVC can be connected to the terminal substation in power distribution system, which will offer lots of benefits to both the utility companies and the end users, such as:

  • Delivering a stable and smooth voltage in order to avoid malfunction of end devices
  • Compensating the reactive power locally
  • Preventing the “electric pollution” from spreading into the main grid
  • Improved power factor
  • Increased capacity and reduced loss of distribution network
  • Decreasing damages caused by frequent switch-in of capacitor banks


  1. Industry Area

Many industries, such as metallurgy, electrical railway and etc., need large amount of reactive power. Limited by the capacity of existing lines, these industries suffer from the poor powerquality. On the other hand, they often get penalty charge from the utilities due to the fluctuation, the flicker, the harmonics and the unbalance they produced. NES5600 SVC can be installed in these industry areas and provide the following benefits:

  • Improving power factor with dynamic reactive power compensation
  • Eliminating voltage distortion caused by harmonic
  • Balancing the three-phase load current
  • Counteracting the voltage fluctuation and flicker
  • Reducing power consumption
  • Increasing productivity and quality
  • Expanding the line capacity without the investment on new infrastructure

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