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Wind Turbine Control System NES5430

The control system mainly completes all status monitoring and control for wind turbine, which monitors, controls and protects safe operation of the whole wind turbine through various kinds of sensors connected to actuating mechanism and relevant parts.

As the brain and nerve system of wind turbine group, NES5430 performS the centralized collaboration management over all component; conductS the safe and stably operation of unit and captureS the maximum wind energy and guarantee the quality of electric energy of unit. Considering the technical requirements of the present mainstream variable speed constant frequency unit, NES5430 adopts advanced hardware control platform, integrates years experience in power system control and combines foreign leading concept and technology. This product possesses functions such as unit status monitor, intelligent control, intelligent default diagnose. Besides, it also has features comprehensive redundancy measures, sufficient communication interface, friendly man-machine interface etc.

  • Applicable machine type: horizontal axis wind turbine group of each kind
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20°C~ 45°C
  • Storage ambient temperature: -40 °C~ 70°C
  • Above sea level: <3000m
  • Degree of protection: control cabinet IP54
  • Shielding protection: apply metal net for protection in the main loop in cabinet
  • Lightning protection: 3-class lightning protection
  • Service life of whole equipment: >20 years
  • Standard of insulation: GB 3859/93
  • Environment humidity: 0~95%
  • Requirement for transportation package: could be transported in national 2 class roads
  • Touch man-machine interface
  • Control for more than 300 operation conditions, with developed control performance
  • Security chain module specialized for wind power
  • Function of automatic fault recording, to trace and diagnose the fault situation
  • Strong openness: support various field bus protocol including Modbus, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, and provide numbers of interface modes for selection
  • Apply optical fiber communication between tower bottom and machine compartment to protect the communication from external interference
  • Excellent environmental adaptation: wide range of temperature adaptation, can startup in -25℃; three phases prevention technology, prevent salt mist, humidity, mould, suitable for environments of desert, intertidal zone as well as sea.
  • Established a wind turbine control system development platform based on Bladed software

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