PDZ800 Series Intelligent Distribution Terminal

Distribution Terminal is an important component of distribution automation. It is a general term for all types of devices installed in medium voltage distribution network and used for remote monitoring and control. Distribution terminals mainly include Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU), Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU), Transformer Terminal Unit (TTU), etc.

PDZ800 series intelligent distribution terminalssuit the situation of distribution automation system of China and can meet the actual needs of distribution grid transformation in both urban and rural areas. Distribution terminals adopt distributed and modularized design and are equipped with highly reliable measuring and control lines and high speed bus network with strong anti-interference capability. PDZ800 series distribution terminals are able to comprehensively analyze the data acquisition and control that are important for distribution grid operation. Based on the analysis, they then monitor in real-time all primary equipment including 10kv switching station of ring network, ring main unit, distribution transformation, and capacitor etc. PDZ800 series intelligent distribution terminals are easy to install, debug, and expand and are highly expansible, reliable and accurate in measurement.



Telemeter, tele-signaling and tele-control; 

Fault detection;

Communication and remote debugging and maintenance;

IEEE1588 Time Protocol;

Relay protection;

Device temperature self-checking;

Area FA/distributed FA;

One-way authentication based on asymmetric key.

Full industrial chip with high reliability and long service life;

Multi-channel 16 bits synchronous sampling;

Large back-inserted capacity;

Bluetooth non-contact maintenance;

Looped ring switching operation through wide area synchronous sampling;

Quick fault isolation/ self-healing based on GOOSE message;

Monitoring and control of battery operation and two-way power backup to ensure uninterrupted power supply of device;

Remote maintenance, convenient upgrade and strong adaptability of chassis structure.

PDZ800 series intelligent distribution terminals are mainly used in ring main unit, switch station, poletop switch and distribution transformer, etc.

State Grid Distribution Automation Pilot Projects: Yinchuan project, Ningxia ( first batch of pilot projects), Tianjin, Changsha, Taiyuan, Chengdu, Dalian (distribution grid project and wireless private network project), Nanjing and Yangzhou project, etc. (the second batch of pilot projects) etc.;

State Grid Rural Power Grid Pilot Project: Pucheng project in Shaanxi province, Helan project in Ningxia province, Yinzhou project in Zhejiang province, Lucheng project in Shanxi province and Gaomi project in Shandong province etc.;

Other key projects: Xian International Horticultural Exposition project, CRH Nanjing South Railway Station project, Chongqing project and Wenzhou Smart Building Pilot Project, etc.

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